Cropping Receipt photos and making reports smaller

Is there a way to crop receipt photos? And to convert them to black and white to save space? I have used other "scan to pdf" apps that when you take the picture of your receipt with your phone it either automaticaly senses the edges or gives you the ability to crop before saving. Many also have the ability to make the scans black and white which significantly reduces space.

When I generate my weekly report to send to my company my reports are often 3MB or more and the limit for my company is 2 MB. This means I have to print off my report and then scan it on a printer in black and white and send it back to myself so I can attach it to my submissions to my company since the Expensify report is too large.

I was considering upgrading to smart scans etc...since I love everything else but this part is very inconvenient and its keeping me from taking the leap.


  • Ted PeetersTed Peeters Posts: 218 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @pcastleberg - I'm afraid currently there's no way to reduce the native file size of the PDF that's exported, but you certainly shouldn't have to print off the PDF and scan it in just to reduce the file size.

    On Windows, you can use any version of Word from Office 2013 or later to reduce a PDF file size when saving it:

    And on Mac, you can use the the native Preview app to do the same.

    Otherwise, there are plenty of third party apps out there will also do this for you!

    Regardless, the best way would be to simply submit the report, straight to your manager! Set up their email address from your Settings > Policies > [Individual Policy Name] > Reports > Submit Reports To setting:

  • Thanks for the tip that's very helpful, I did figure out a free site that I could upload to and then reduce the size.

    Being able to do it without uploading it by using word will be great.

    If only I could directly submit...unfortunately the company I am working with requires me to use their website and enter a summary line for each category of expenses and attach the reciept (they do at least let me attach the whole report each time so that saves a little bit of effort). I would love it if they would just let me submit the Expensify report straight to them without all the other machinations.

    Still it would also be helpful (and better on file size/storage) if Expensify could update the "camera" part of the app to allow for cropping the receipt picture scans and for converting them to black and white as part of the capture process. I have worked with other apps that convert pictures to PDFs and they have this functionality and while being basic it is very helpful. So if they could be added as enhancements in the future that would be GREAT!

  • Ted, just a followup the PDF errors when I try to open it in Microsoft word saying it exceeds the maximum page size allowable for Word. So that solution does not work. I'll continue to use the online resource I found but bottom line is it's a work round for something that ideally should be able to be controlled within Expensify itself.

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