Flights for the same date/amount getting flagged as duplicates

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It seems the duplicate checking algorithms/software could use an upgrades. I frequently make day trips and will fly from my home to a city and back within the same day. I often book these trips as two one-way trips as my schedule frequently changes and I like to have the maximum flexibility. Typically each of these segments will cost exactly the same, so when the software sees two flights, on the same day, from the same airline, costing the exact same price it’s flags them as duplicates. However these are not duplicate flights, these are two separate one-way tickets. Since the confirmation number of the flights, and the origination and destinations city are different on the tickets, it seems the system should be able to recognize these are actually two separate flights and not flag them as duplicate. Anyone else have this problem? Hopefully there will be an update in the future that allows Expensify to recognize the tickets are different based on different confirmation numbers.

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    Hi @Tdog Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    You are correct that if two expenses are incurred on the same day for the same amount, we'll delete one. And you probably know you can restore it from your deleted expenses.

    You are most welcome to raise this in the Ideas section so that people can vote! (Or, if you prefer, I can move this one!)