Admin Webinar Q&A - 12 December 2018

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When auto submitting reports, ex: monthly. do the reports submit at the beginning or end of the specified day?
The submission will run early morning of the day selected.

Are there emails that can be sent to a user if there are pending reports to be approved?
We send a weekly summary email to users who have outstanding actions, such as reports pending approval. The email is sent out on Sunday/Monday.

Managing People

If our company owns different domains, can an expense report be submitted to a different domain member for approval?
As long as the user is part of the policy a report can be submitted to that user. Users with any email address can be added to a policy.

Is it possible to have different approval policies for the same employee? For instance, an employee who approves others' expenses, but someone else needs to approve hers (but not her direct reports).
You can set up an approval workflow with as many approvers as needed. Take a look at out Approval Workflow help doc for details on how to set this up!

If I want to switch an EE from one policy to another, do I just add them to the new policy and delete them from the old? How does that work? As I learn how this system works and our company changes, I will most likely add new policies and people may shift from one to another, what is the best way to accommodate that?
That's correct :) Simply add the user to the new policy and remove them from the other policy. Their submitted reports will stay with the policy to which they were submitted and their new reports will be created under the new policy. The user will retain access to all reports created in their account.

Billing & Ownership

If you set the annual sub at 15 users and you need to increase the users, how does the billing change?
If you increase your annual subscription, moving forward you will be billed for the new subscription size at the annual subscription rate of your choice.

Will we be billed for an active user that does NOT submit a report in a given month?
If you are signed up for the pay-per-use rate then you will be billed only for the users who take reports actions. If you are signed up for the Annual rate then you will be billed for the number of seats in your subscription at the annual rate and for any additional users on the pay-per-use rate.

Can you have 5 people on annual subscription and 2 on pay per use? ex - 5 have a company credit card, 2 only submit annually.
You can have as many active users as you would like when using any of the plans. When you choose an Annual Subscription, you select the number of active users you'd like to commit to on a monthly basis. Each month, any of your policy members can fill the active users in your subscription. If in a given month the number of active users surpasses your subscription size the additional users will be added charged at the pay-per-use rate.


If a category name changes in QBO does it automatically change in Expensify.
That's correct. Changes made to an integrated accounting integration sync once a day, to prompt a manual sync navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections > Sync Now.

If I have my credit card transactions come into QBO automatically will that need to be changed so transactions are not duplicated?
To prevent duplicates in QuickBooks Online, you will want to export expenses from Expensify first and then update the card in QuickBooks Online.

How do you associate GL account numbers to have them included in CSV export file for business systems?
When using the Control policy you can add GL account numbers to your categories under policy settings. If an accounting integration is connected to your policy then GL account numbers will automatically import into your policy's Categories.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Is there a way to run a report for a given time period, but without regard to each report. For example, let's say my credit card statement runs the 15th of one month through the 14th of the next month. I'd like to be able to run something that shows spending between those two dates, but ignores the fact that the reports that contain the expenses span from dates that lie outside of the 14th-15th.
Sure thing, there are two options I can recommend. If you're looking to run a report for company cards, you can do this via Domain Control and run a company cards reconciliation report. The other option is to use a Custom Export Format to export a CSV of the expenses you'd like to see. You can find related articles on under Company cards: Reconcile expenses and Export Custom Reports. If you're interested in learning more about setting up company cards check out our Company Cards Webinar.

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