Charging expenses to multiple Quickbooks Desktop companies

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We have 13 companies in Quickbooks Desktop. Employees can incur expenses on behalf of any company, not just their home company. Can employees submit one expense report and mix companies? What is the best way for employees to submit expenses and tag to a certain company, so that the expense is imported to the correct company's quickbooks?

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  • Nicole Trepanier
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    @CarmelaB You would need to create 13 separate policies. All of these can be created under a single admin account so you would have access to all of them.

    Employees would need to submit separate expense reports for each policy in order to have it exported to the correct company file.


  • Zil
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    There are a couple of different ways to handle this. Expensify is not well suited to multiple companies. In fact, after over a year Expensify was never able to get the second company properly working. Way one would be to export everything from Expensify into a comma delineated file and then manually upload into the proper company file. This is tedious but most likely the best bet. Another way would be to create a TOTALLY separate Expensify account for each company. This will require a unique domain for each company. DO NOT have multiple companies as different policies on one account. We were recommended by Expensify to do it that way and it broke everything and they could never properly get it working again. The third way would be considering combining the Quickbooks desktop into one file and just have the different companies set up as customers. I would need to understand more about your situation to know if that is appropriate but it is highly uncommon outside of accounting firms to have that many Quickbooks. Having 13 companies would be one of the situations that may make something like concur a better fit for you. Expensify has a good price and is generally easy to use but it's not well suited to complex situations.

  • CarmelaB
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    Thank you, Zil, for your detailed response.

  • CarmelaB
    CarmelaB Expensify Customer Posts: 6 Expensify Newcomer

    Hi Nicole - do we need to create 13 separate policies and map to the Company in Quickbooks Desktop, not just the one parent policy? Would employee have to submit multiple expense reports under each policy/Company? All of our Quickbooks Desktop entities are hosted by one 3rd party server.