Company Cards Webinar Q&A - December 13th

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


Do you have to click "Assign New Card" in Expensify every time there is a new cardholder on the program?
Yes, that’s correct. Each time you need to assign a new card to a domain member, you will need to click “Assign New Card” to assign the card and begin importing expenses into their account. You can find a step-by-step guide on assigning cards to domain members here.

Assuming your company card is importing expenses, then all employees will have to do is SmartScan their receipt and Expensify will merge it with the imported credit transaction? In that case, how do you code the company card transactions?
That's correct. When employees SmartScan a receipt, it will automatically merge with the matching company card expense in their account. If you have Scheduled Submit enabled, then the expenses will be automatically added to reports and can be either manually or automatically submitted. Expensify will use implicit categorization to code the expenses based on how you coded similar expenses in the past, or you can set up Default Categorization on your policy to further automate the process.

Our credit card statements list transactions based on their posting date, but Expensify displays the expense transaction date - can we change the date shown on the expense in Expensify?
The expense date in Expensify is determined by the bank and displays the date on the expense in the card file feed. Unfortunately this cannot be changed from our end.

How can you force Scheduled Submit to match the dates of the credit card statement exactly? Expecially in cases where the end of the statement date can change from month to month?
Currently it’s not possible to lock the reporting schedule to a fixed set of dates like the company card statement. Instead, you can use the Reconciliation Dashboard to plug in your statement dates to extract the list of expenses incurred on each card. When you run the Dashboard, the number in the Total column should match your statement, and you can click into each card’s total in order to view the expenses.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

I would like to give my accountant access to the Reconciliation Dashboard, but I can’t make them a Domain Admin - is this possible?
Currently only Domain Admins are able to access the Reconciliation Dashboard. However, that is an interesting idea and sounds like a great feature addition! I would recommend adding it to our Community in the Ideas section. This will give other users he opportunity to voice their support for the idea where it could have a real chance of making it on to our product roadmap!

What if the number in the Total column does not match with the total on the company card statement?
This might mean you are missing expenses. We have a great guide for troubleshooting these type of issues - you can find that here.


I have expenses which were not approved, but have already been exported to my accounting integration. Is it possible to approve expenses in bulk without having them export to my accounting integration again?
Expenses can be exported to an integrated accounting package only if they have been approved. However, if you need to close out expenses you can add them to a report and approve the report. As long as Auto Sync is not enabled in your connected accounting package, you can manually mark the report as exported so that it doesn't get exported and cause duplicates with already reported expenses.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

What happens if an employee accidentally incurs a personal expense on their company card?
If an employee accidentally makes a personal purchase on a company card, you’ll still want to make sure the expense is included on the report so that you can reconcile the expense. If the employee needs to pay back company for that expense, my suggestion would be to create a negative expense on their next reimbursable report. This will deduct that amount from the reimbursable total on the report.

My company card expenses don’t populate eReceipts, even for expenses under $75. Do you know why that might be?
eReceipts will only populate for credit card expenses which are under $75 and are not lodging expenses. If the expense falls within those rules but did not populate an eReceipt, it’s possible that eReceipts are disabled in your company policy. Their setting can be found under Policy > Expenses. You can learn more about eRecepts here.

What’s the best way to handle receipts that don't automatically merge with the credit card transactions? For example, some itineraries tend to have a total amount, versus credit card transactions that may come from multiple airlines.
Great question! When a receipt has multiple totals SmartScan will be able to pick up only one, which can cause something like a file with multiple transactions to not link to all of the transactions. In this case you can add the file as a Document to the report. You can learn more about that here.

I have a report with company card expenses which was not automatically submitted, even though Scheduled Submit was enabled. How can I find out why the report was not submitted automatically?
If there is an error, you may find it in the History & Comment section of the report that did not get auto-submitted. It's also possible that Scheduled Submit is set to Manually which means that submission is manual. There are a number of other reasons, if you have a question about a specific report I would recommend emailing [email protected] with the report ID so that one of my team mates can take a look at the report for you!


What does SmartScan do?
SmartScan is a feature that uses Optical Character Recognition (or OCR) to automatically transcribe expense details from a receipt image. All you need to do is snap a photo of the receipt and SmartScan will populate the merchant name, date and total of the receipt to create an expense in your account! You can learn more about SmartScan here.

Is there a way to leave a Comment on a report that is it visible only to the employee, and not to other approvers (even if they’ve rejected the report)?
Comments added to the report's History & Comments section are visible to all users who have access to the report. This includes all approvers on the report.

Is there a way to assign a CoPilot for your company card so that a manager could leave the task of pulling together the report to an admin assistant?
There is no CoPilot role specific to just company cards, but the manager could add the assistant as a CoPilot to their account and the assistant would be able to create and submit reports on their behalf. The manager can find instructions for adding their assistant as a CoPilot here. Copilots have full access to the user's account.

I have a report where I am ready to submit some of the expenses, but not others. Is there a way to place those expenses on a different report so that I can submit them?
You can move expenses between reports at any time as long as the report is in the Open state. You can click the red x to remove an expense or you can move it by selecting it on the Expenses page and selecting a different report.

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