Can I leave my former company's policy?

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I used to use Expensify with my old company and set up my private email on the same account so I could forward receipts but I left there a few months ago. I now want to use Expensify under my own private email but it still shows the company policy, even though I've merged everything away from my old account (so I had those reports for my own records).

How can I remove all mention of my old boss and team, without losing some of the personal reports I've already set up?

Thank you!


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @nirave - thanks for reaching out! Typically your old company will need to remove you from the policy. Can you send the policy owner an email asking them to remove from the policy? When they do, any old reports you've submitted on the policy will remain intact for you and for the company. Any reports you've created on your personal policy will remain intact as well.

    You can find the policy owner by navigating to your Settings > Policies > Group tab and clicking on the name of the owner. (below)

    If that doesn't work, please send us an email at so we can share account details outside the public Community.