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Allow marking receipts as "reviewed", list view will include that column (or status)

Tereza Expensify Customer Posts: 12 Expensify Newcomer

Allow setting a flag/tag/indicator/checkmark – whatever you want to call it – that will allow a user to know “at-a-glance”, from mobile or desktop, that an expense is ready to submit.

Here’s a typical workflow:

  1. Scan or email a stack of receipts
  2. Once scanning is complete (on most of them, review receipt, verify amount/currency/merchant name, add tag/description/category, etc.
  3. Mark receipt as “verified” or “ready” (NOT POSSIBLE TODAY)
  4. Get only part way through the receipts you uploaded, because you got called away, or because the scanning process isn’t done.
  5. Go back to your expenses later, and continue where you left off…
    Only – you have no idea where you left off!! At least, not on mobile.
    And, in the meantime, you uploaded even more receipts. So it's even harder to know which you've already reviewed.

On desktop, today, I can kind of see – oh – these few are missing tags – those have no category, and this one needs a Description. But that is hit/miss at best.
I can’t even see that a new receipt completed smartscan – it just sneakily drops into date order, and the only way I know this is a newly scanned receipt is to notice (on desktop) that it has no desc/tag/category. On mobile I have absolutly no way to know if I've reviewed receipt or not.

Reviewing is critical – amounts are occasionally wrong, currencies are occasionally wrong, etc..

This is a natural and common workflow.

Allowing a simple checkmark would reduce errors and resubmissions.

Thanks for listening.

I also thank the community in advance for any cool workarounds that might already be in place.

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  • Sheena Trepanier
    Sheena Trepanier Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 1,346 Expensify Team

    Hi @Tereza, thanks for sharing your idea and giving context and use case to support it! I'll direct any other customers asking for this to your Idea post, take care!

  • Tereza
    Tereza Expensify Customer Posts: 12 Expensify Newcomer
    So, coming up on a year on this.
    Any word?
    In the many years I've used this product, I've seen very little advance on the end user experience and journey.
    Focus seems to be on continuous improvements on the back office side.
    Important, of course, but please work on users!

    Look at it this way... If we have a better interface for entering and organizing expenses, we'll make lots fewer mistakes, and the back office folks will be happier, and spend less time fixing them.
  • Nicole Mendonca
    Nicole Mendonca Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 124 Expensify Team
    Hi @Tereza! You can check out (and subscribe to) our Product Updates forum to see improvements we have made. 

    For your particular use case however, knowing an expense is "ready to submit" would be indicated if the expense doesn't have any violations. I'm not sure if you're currently utilizing Violations, but you can enforce tags, description and categories on expenses. More information on that here.
  • Tereza
    Tereza Expensify Customer Posts: 12 Expensify Newcomer
    Thx for the feedback, but that doesn't address the workflow that many of us use.
    Just because it doesn't have violations does not mean it's ready to submit.
    As I noted above, we need to check things like... Are the amount and currency correct, is the date correct, etc. (your scanning is great, but it ain't perfect!)...
    For some expenses, I scan in the receipt but then have to add a cash tip, or deduct a portion of the total...

    To extremely simple and basic features would solve this...
    Newly scanned items show in bold, and, each item has a checkbox called "Reviewed".
  • Jeremy Boniface
    Jeremy Boniface Expensify Team Posts: 183 Expensify Team
    I think this idea is really interesting, and I'm happy to keep this thread open for gathering more use-cases. Ultimately, though, we're not seeing other requests for this functionality, so I don't see it being prioritized until we have more examples. I know this isn't the ideal answer, but I want to be forthright regarding the process here!
  • Tereza
    Tereza Expensify Customer Posts: 12 Expensify Newcomer
    Thanks for keeping this open.  I am quite surprised that it would not be in the plans.
    I am curious as to how you do user testing and user experience.  Surely the workflow I outlined is not an unusual one, but actually quite common.
    The lack of knowing which receipts were just scanned introduces so many opportunities for mistakes, so I would think this is a priority from both sides of your user base - those incurring the expenses and those managing and paying them.

    I would be happy to discuss this, to outline real-world examples from the perspective of frequent travelers.

    Also, should I submit a separate request for showing newly scanned items in bold?
    That would be super simple to implement, and would go part of the way towards improving the journey.
    You know, like how a new email is bold until you read it.
  • Nicole Mendonca
    Nicole Mendonca Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 124 Expensify Team
    @Tereza as @Jeremy Boniface mentioned we'll leave this open to see if others experience a similar use case. 

    I think the request for "showing newly scanned items in bold" makes sense to leave here, as it would be a way to denote a receipt as "reviewed" or not.