Company Cards Webinar Q&A - December 20th

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


Hi, do you recommend a best practice where an individual has a company card in more than one policy and would like to use the Expensify App to submit their receipts to these policies? For example, they have a Wells Fargo CC on policy #1 and a Chase CC on policy #2.
Within your Domain Control settings, you’ll be able to assign a default Policy for each different company card! e.g. Policy 1 for a Wells Fargo, and Policy 2 for a Chase card. You will simply need to have one report per Policy.

What if the company doesn’t have commercial/corporate cards?
We can provide some advice on this for you! Please write into [email protected] and we can assist further.

I already have a few users that have hooked up their cards directly from their online bank access to expensify. If I set up domain control, do I have to disconnect the cards that are set up at the individual card level?
To confirm, are these business or personal cards? If so, it’s fine for the user to import these cards via their own account settings. If they are commercial/corporate cards, you’ll need to have Domain Control and a card feed in place.

We bank with BofA so I have access to all cards and cash accounts, and each EE with their own card (their name on it, via the company) has their own access that allows them to see activity on their own card only.
Please write in to [email protected], with the type of card that you have (Visa, MasterCard or AMEX), and we’ll be able to provide some instructions to getting this set up for you.

Could you send me the step by step guide on the Commercial Card Feed set up?
Please check out this helpdoc.

Can you have the charges imported from the bank on a daily basis so we can get the expenses matched up to receipts quickly?
With a company card feed (which you’ll set up via Domain Control), the card transactions will come through every evening to Expensify!

How do I ensure the transactions only download once? We have issues with duplicates and triplicates.
They definitely will only download once! To provide some context, duplicates are usually caused by unmerged expenses and literal duplicates.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

In our company, some people are already using this feature for expenses that they paid and get reimbursed for. What I'm looking to do is to start using expensify for our company credit card - several people in the company are charging items for the card, and don't need to to be reimbursed. Can several people add receipts and select the expense type for the charges on this card?
"The Expenses page allows the Admin and users to see all expenses, whereas the Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard allows the Admin to see all card expenses no matter what status they have. Both do use the Expenses page, but in a different way. Each user is set up separately and assigned a card, but they can also still have reimbursable expenses. The Expense type i.e. cash or card is taken from whether there is an imported transaction. I hope this clarifies things!"


How does Expensify handle the synchronization of data between the Domain Controlled cards and accounting software (such as Quickbooks) where we already have the cards set up for the activity to be fed in?
You will need to import the bank account into QuickBooks Online after you have exported the report from Expensify into QBO.

Can I add classes (we use for department) to the categories to be downloaded in online QB?
Yes, you can do this on the advanced tab of your configuration!

How do Expensify and QuickBooks deal with merchant names. That is, when I put a merchant name in for an expense, does that create a new vendor in QB or merge with an existing one?
You’ll need to make sure that the merchant name will match with the vendor name in QuickBooks! Otherwise a new vendor will likely be created.


How often is this webinar held? Since I don't have domain access right now, it's hard to understand how that would work?
No worries - this webinar is run every week!

Can we delete a duplicate transaction or report on employee's behalf?
Unfortunately, Admins cannot delete Expenses or Reports on another user’s behalf. Sorry about that!

Could you share the link to the company card webinar?
We add the recording links to our Community after the webinar - likely later today! Check it out here.

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