Year-End Questions, Tasks and Tips from the Expensify Success Team

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With the new year soon upon us, it’s the perfect time to cover some of the most common questions we hear from customers about closing the books on 2018, and share tips on how to accomplish year-end tasks.

Update mileage rates for the new year

Beginning January 1, 2019, the business standard mileage rate in the US will be 58 cents per mile, up from 54.5 cents per mile in 2018. Check out for more details and don’t forget to update your rate for 2019!

Export all expenses from 2018

You can export your expenses at any time using the default export template included with every account. If you need more information than the export provides, you can create a custom export template to fit your needs.

To export, head to your Expenses page and adjust your filters for your desired date range. Select all expenses (if there are more than 250 expenses you’ll need to specifically select ‘All’) and then export the default template or the one you created. (Below)

Upload a year’s worth of expenses in one go

Uploading a lot of expenses at once can be done a few different ways, depending on the type of receipt you have. If you have a pile of paper receipts filling up your wallet, shoebox, or spare room :scream:, then using the Expensify mobile app’s Rapid Fire mode is the ticket to a quick and painless experience.

If your receipts are in your email inbox, then it’s super easy to forward them to [email protected]. More on receipt forwarding can be found in our Help Docs.

Given that SmartScan is optimized for accuracy over speed, you will still want to put your phone away, or go work on something else for a few hours while you let them process. Leaving your SmartScans to finish processing will mean seamless merging with imported cards, currency recognition and your own preaccounting time saved!

FAQ: Can I start fresh for 2019 with a blank account?

Customers regularly ask us if it’s possible to wipe the slate clean each year and while this can seem like an appealing idea to those who like max organization, it’s not a functionality that we support. Most countries have a minimum length of time to keep financial records, so we ensure that Expensify is compliant with these standards and even ‘deleted’ expenses can still be retrieved if you are audited. The only sure fire way to delete your expenses and reports is to delete your account, and we don’t recommend you do that each year. You can easily use date filters to ‘hide’ old expenses and reports without compromising your precious financial data.

FAQ: Can I archive reports and expenses?

Again, this is a fairly common question, and while we don’t support an archive functionality at this time, there is an Idea you can vote for here. If you’d rather not view expenses and reports in a finalized state, we recommend you adjust your filters so that Reimbursed or Closed expenses and reports are hidden, or use the date filter to hide older expenses and reports.

If you think of other preaccounting questions or tasks that come up for you around year’s end, let us know. Thank you for helping other customers be prepared for the new year!

Happy Holidays and a Sparkling New Year to all our wonderful customers! From all of the Expensify Community and all the Team here at Expensify!

Note about Holiday Hours: While a number of the Success Coach team will be taking time off over the holiday break to spend time with loved ones and family, we will have skeleton staff on hand on Dec 25th, and light staffing between 25 Dec to 3 Jan and no official ‘close down’ period.

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