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Expensify’s Partner Support Methodology

Michael HaxhiuMichael Haxhiu Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 26 Expensify Team

With the explosive growth of the ExpensifyApproved! partner program, we’d like to take the opportunity to make our partner support methodology clear and public. This can be thought of as an extension of our broader customer support methodology rather than a standalone manifesto. We’d encourage you to read our customer support methodology here before diving into our addition for partners below.

Common questions about ExpensifyApproved! Support

How do I get support as a partner?
We’ve developed a number of support resources to serve our partners, listed below. These resources should serve as the first stop for partner and client training, one-off questions, and deeper learning. We highly encourage partners to explore these resources to understand the inner workings of Expensify, best practices, and speedy troubleshooting.

Training resources:

Live webinars:

Client implementation:

Asking questions:

What’s the best way to get 1:1 support as a partner?
In the case that your inquiry or needs aren’t met with our support resources, we do offer 1:1 support! Through our interactions with customers and partners over the years, we've found that written communication facilitates the most effective resolution for the vast majority of inquiries. With this in mind, we ask that you send your inquiries to our team in writing (via email to [email protected] or in-app chat) with specific context, relevant questions, and supporting materials (screenshots, affected email addresses, report IDs, etc). This allows our team of experts to gather as many details as possible to help answer your questions and troubleshoot any potential issues.

We take this approach for two main reasons: (1) We greatly respect your time (as well as our own!) and want to provide partners with a speedy, thorough resolution. (2) We’ve found this is the most effective method of collaboration, especially when scaling with growing partners.

As a reminder, partners are able to write into Expensify directly via in-app chat or by emailing [email protected] Both of these methods work equally.

Do I get phone support as a partner?
Our methodology on phone support holds true across both our direct clients and our partners. We recognize that there are certain times when written communication just isn't working, and in those scenarios we’re happy to schedule a call with our partners. There is, however, no hard and fast rule about when this will happen as each scenario is unique and treated as such.

Do you work with my clients directly?
Yes! We absolutely do work with your clients directly. We assist with client implementations directly, which is especially helpful for partners that are new to Expensify. When it comes to support, we encourage you to have your clients reach out to our support team directly whenever they have a question. Like you, they can reach out via in-app chat or by emailing [email protected] We recognize that we will always be the experts on Expensify, and are poised to provide the answers they are looking for.

We also acknowledge that because of your relationship with your clients, they will likely reach out to you first with questions. Never fear, we have plenty of help site documentation, an incredibly active customer community, robust training/certification, live webinars, and a team of experts ready to assist you with your clients’ questions.

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