Admin Webinar Q&A - 28 December 2018

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Setup Tasks

Why would you need multiple policies?

If you have different groups of employees who need to follow different expensing guidelines, you would want to create separate policies for those groups.

If someone is trying to decide between the Collect and Control policies, how do they decide which to use?

It depends on what kind of approval workflow you need — i.e., do you need multiple levels of approval — whether you have corporate cards, and what accounting integration (if any) you are using. You can see a breakdown of the different features associated with each policy type on our Pricing page.

I am looking at an Individual policy but I want to set up a Group policy. Where do I find that option?

To create a new group policy, navigate to our Pricing page and click “Add” under the appropriate policy type.

I need to make a bunch of changes to my settings, but I don’t want my employees to see the changes occurring little by little. Is there a way to make changes, test how it looks, then release everything at once?

This isn't possible within an existing policy. All changes are implemented live as they are made.


If an employee has left the company and there is an open expense report that will not be reimbursed, how do I remove the report from the list?

When you remove an employee from the policy, their unsubmitted reports will be removed as well.

Can you please run through pulling a comprehensive report for the company for a certain period (e.g., a month)?

To pull a report for the entire company, you would navigate to your Reports page and adjust your filters appropriately to capture all reports. Select all reports, click "Export to" at the top of the page, and choose your export!


When paying the employee, is the only option to pay them via direct deposit to their personal checking accounts? Once the expenses are approved can a company check be issued instead?

If you would like to reimburse a report outside of Expensify, you can do so. Simply select "Mark as Manually Reimbursed" after approving the report. You would then need to handle the reimbursement externally.

Is there a setting that disallows previously-downloaded transactions from being downloaded again via CSV export?
No, this is not currently possible.

Managing People

If we are using Expensify as a company, how do we add our bookkeeper into the program so they can see all reports and approve expenses? What role do they get added as?

The Auditor role would be a great fit here! It would give them visibility of all reports across a policy, and they would be able to approve any reports for which they are a designated approver.

How do I add a new employee so they can enter their expenses?

To invite a new employee to your policy, navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > Policy Members and click the green "Invite" button.

How do you change the person who they submit to?

You can adjust your Approval Workflow by navigating to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > Policy Members.

Can a person who had already created a login and was using the free version individually be added to my team so that I can admin them? Can they join the team without losing their history?

Absolutely! Just invite them to your policy and they will have access, and all their previous data will remain in their account.

If you remove a user, can you still see their submitted reports?

Yes, when removing a user from your policy, all historical report data will remain visible to you.

When removing a user, can you verify that all charges have been submitted?
Prior to removing the user from the policy, you would need to navigate to the Reports page and adjust your filters to display that user's reports. Hide any Closed or Reimbursed reports, and you will be left with a list of reports needing action.

Billing & Ownership

What is the main difference between the free and paid subscription?

The free account includes only 5 SmartScans, no approval workflow, and cannot integrate with accounting software.


If a user uses a personal credit card, how do you export to QuickBooks if that personal credit card does not exist in Quickbooks?

Personal credit cards cannot be mapped to a specific account within QuickBooks. They will be exported to the default account for reimbursable or non-reimbursable expenses.

When you integrate Quickbooks Online, do your categories auto-populate in Expensify, or do they need to be manually entered?

When you integrate with an accounting package, your categories will be pulled in from that accounting package.

I have the categories auto-populated, but it’s a lot and confusing. Can I select just a few?
Once your categories have been imported from QuickBooks, you can disable any that you don't want your users to be able to access.

How does Uber integration work when you already use an Uber for Business account for users? Is there a separate help doc for that? **
Our integration does not support Uber for Business. In this case, your users will need to forward their receipts to **[email protected]

Does it also integrate with Lyft?

Yes, we have a Lyft integration. Learn more here.

Company Cards & Domain Control

I am still unclear as to where we set up multiple credit cards. For example, some employees have company-paid fleet fuel cards, some employees have a regular credit card. All are non-reimbursable, but we need to track the expenses so accounting can enter.

Company credit cards would be set up via Domain Control (Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards). Individuals can import their personal credit cards via their account settings (Settings > Your Account > Credit Card Import).

If we are using company credit cards that the company pays for, how does that work with reimbursing? Those expenses paid by the company do not need to be reimbursed.

When you set up your company card via Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards, you can specify that card expenses are non-reimbursable.

If Expensify does not collaborate with our regional bank card, is our only option to upload the transactions manually into Expensify? Or can they get our bank set up to integrate?

You can reach out to your bank to inquire about a direct feed. You can find an overview on that here.


Can you setup a policy that allows digital signatures from submitters?

Digital signatures are not currently supported. I encourage you to submit your use case to the Ideas section of the Community, however!

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