Company Cards Webinar Q&A - January 3rd

Michelle NiemiMichelle Niemi Posts: 33 Expensify Success Coach

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


Where are the instructions for connecting the credit cards to Expensify?

You can find that here

How do we assign Credit cards for each user?

Company Cards can be assigned to users by going to Domain Control?Company Cards and click Assign Cards. There is more information on that here.

Can you have credit cards from three different companies be assigned to three different employees?

Certainly! You can link as many feeds to your Domain as your bank has enabled.

Currently we have Direct bank Connection for our credit cards. Is there any great benefit to going via Commercial Card Feed?

As long as your bank will create a feed for you, this is a much more stable feed. We recommend you use a Commercial feed if possible.

Domain Control

How do I validate the domain?

We have a great walk through here.


Can we export our Company Card expenses to QuickBooks?
You can export your Company Card expenses to your directly linked accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, or Intacct. A great place to start is here.


To assign credit card do I need the “control” subscription?

Yes, that is correct. Company Cards linked under Domain Control require a Control policy be enabled.

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