Should I go with a Corporate or Individual plan?

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After reading Community for a bit I have learned that there is no telephone support for customers and very slow response time via email. We are considering using Expensify for a small business. We are a church who has only about 6 or 7 people who regularly have expenses. Should we have each person individually sign up at 5 per month or is the corporate option better. I don't think the website does a very good job of explaining the differences/advantages to the Corporate service. Any thoughts out there that might help in our decision making???

Also wondering if there is a way to blow up the receipt images? If we go totally digital we cannot even read the small images.



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    Hi @kari_EVC5440, thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I'm happy to help you out and can speak a bit more to the Collect and Control policies.

    A Collect policy offers a company simple receipt collection and expense reimbursement features. You can connect an accounting package to make exporting a breeze and your policy members will also receive unlimited SmartScans.

    If you need something a little more robust because you have non-reimbursable company card expenses, the the Control policy may be a better fit. The Control policy still offers expense reports, receipt tracking, ACH reimbursement and connection to an accounting package, but you get the added benefit of stricter report submission controls and company card reconciliation.

    Choosing between a Group policy (for your company) or having each employee sign up for their own individual subscription will depend on a few things. The main bit is, do you need more control over how employees submit expenses? For example, this could be enforcing the use of company approved categories for expenses or setting an approval workflow for reports to flow through. If you need more control over expenses submitted by employees then a Group policy (Collect or Control) is the better option for your team.

    If you want to ask additional questions with a member of our Sales team, go ahead and send an email with the info you shared above to and someone will be in contact as soon as possible for a more personal conversation.