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I desperately need some help. Using American Express with Expensify. Have Domin Control set up and AmEx is downloading directly into Expensify. What I don't know how to do is: Some employees have disregarded the AmEx download and entered AmEx receipts manually and put those on an expense report and left the downloaded receipts sitting in Unapproved. How do I connect the 2.? Or do I need to? Can I delete the AmEx downloaded receipts? Thanks.


  • Ted Harris
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    Hi there @Cyndi_C2 - If the SmartScanned receipt didn't automatically merge with the intended card transaction, it will likely be caused by one of the reasons outlined in this troubleshooting guide. You can manually merge the cash expense with imported card expense in the meantime. Instructions on how to merge the expenses can be found online here.

    If you've reviewed the troubleshooting guide and are still experiencing receipts not merging with imported card transactions, can you please provide the specific details of the expense to so the team can take a closer look?

  • Cyndi_C2
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    The expenses came into Expensify: 1) downloaded fr AmEx and are sitting as an unrecorded expenses and 2) manually entered by the employee andemployee attached a receipt manually. Nothing was smartscanned. See Eric Mena 11/29-12/31/2018. Also see domain control for Eric Mena same time period. Can I merge these expenses (yes I understand that there are 2 additional expenses that aren't on the 12/31/2018 expense report) Can I am to merge the two expenses? so that the unrecorded expenses are no longer appearing as unrecorded?

  • Nicole Trepanier
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    Hi @Cyndi_C2!

    We have a great Company Cards Administration webinar that would really help you utilize the company card feature.

    While you don't have the ability to merge these expenses for your employees, there are a few things we can do to get this cleaned up and help you prevent it from happening in the future.

    First, to prevent employees from deleting company card expenses, you will want to enable corporate liability on the cards by going to Settings > Domains > [domain name] > Company Cards > Settings.

    Second, you'll want to send a message to your employees and have them enable SmartScan under Settings > Account > Preferences , this way their receipts will automatically merge with their company card expenses.

    Finally, you should reject any reports that have been submitted without the credit card expenses and use our Reconciliation Dashboard to put the credit card expenses on reports for them. All they'll have to do is attach the receipts to the correct expenses. You'll only have to do this this first time to clean up the existing expenses. Having SmartScan and Corporate Liability enabled will prevent this from happening again.

    Moving forward I also recommend having your employees join our Employee Training webinar to help get everything working smoothly for you.

    Let me know if you have any questions!