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Have a client that is using the built in sync tool with intacct. Currently the integration is mostly just brining in the dimensions from intacct, one of the segments is project. Project has an id and description in intacct but only the description is shown in the drop down. The client wants the description / drop down to have the ID : Description in it. The id are meaningful to them.

Can I use the api to update after the fact the descriptions of project to have the id : Description. If I do do that will the sync just overwrite it again (how often does the out box run, can I add to it or is that just not the way to go? )
Finally if we say ok just not sync project with intacct and I'll write one that does it. can we do that. Just write something to pull the intacct project (I've used their api) and call the api here to just create the projects. ? Is project exposed through the API? Can I use visual studio for the API - often do with intacct?

Any help would be appreciated .

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  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 159 Expensify Success Coach
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    It would only change what tags are available, it wouldn't affect any tags already selected on submitted reports. You would want to make sure that you've exported everything you can before making the change because you would need to update the tags on any reports that are still waiting to be exported.

    Even if you disable projects in your configuration, you wouldn't be able to use the tag feature. First, it would wipe every time you synced the policy, second, any tags not imported from the direct integration would not export back to Intacct.


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