Generate report only containing expenses over $75?

PaulCPaulC Posts: 1

Unfortunately, I work for a company whose expense reporting system is far inferior to Expensify. They do transfer my corporate AmEx charges semi-automatically to their reports, but I must separately send them receipts for any charges over $75.

I'd love the option to generate & email a report that only contains expenses over $75, along with PDF copies of those receipts.


  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 842 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @PaulC Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    Although there is no way to do this automatically, there is a way you could make it clearer to administer.

    I see you use an Individual 'Submit' plan... if you switched this for a Group 'Collect' plan (same price if you commit to 12 months) and enabled violations, then set the 'receipt required' amount to $75, this would only flag expenses over $75 as needing receipts.

    You could set Scheduled Submit to Manual so that it puts all expenses on your report, then before you submit it look for expenses with no receipt and delete them. Or, submit everything, but only the expenses over $75 will have receipts.

    Do you think this could work for you? I believe you may have had a 'Team' policy in past which was very similar - was there a reason you got rid of it?

    The option would be regularly sorting by Amount on the Expenses page and deleting everything under $75. Not high-tech, but effective!

  • PaulCPaulC Posts: 1

    The policies page is requiring me to upgrade to the Group 'Control' plan to be able to set the 'Receipt Required Amount' field.

    Under the Group 'Collect' plan, I can turn on violations, but don't appear to be able to define what is a violation? the fields all have a lock icon and when clicked, display a message "Unlock this feature! This feature is only available on corporate policies. Upgrade and unlock the full power of Expensify!"

    I thought I'd just switched over to a corporate (or 'group') policy by upgrading to 'Collect'. Am I missing something?

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