How do I fix Distance expenses with no map?

Rachael Hopkins
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We recently resolved an issue where images were not feeding in from Google Maps.

If you added distance expenses in the past couple of days and noticed they have no map image, you can manually fix them.

Before you do, you may like to check with your Policy Admin that it's necessary - there are images attached to your expenses which include the 'directions' from Google Maps, but no actual map image. Your expenses won't have any 'violations' they just won't look very pretty.

If your admin does want them fixed up, here's how you can do it:

1. Web app - 'Create from map' option
You can simply recreate these by adding a new expense and filling in the locations again, then delete the original no-map expense.

2. Mobile app - 'Start GPS' option
Obviously you can't re-drive your route, so it's a case of just generating that map image. You can do this via the web app above, or if that's inconvenient, use a screenshot from Google Maps.
1. Open the Google Maps app
2. Search for the end-point of your trip, tap directions and enter the starting point
3. Take screenshot (if you are super fussy like me, you can crop out the header)
4. Open the expense in the Expensify app, tap into the image and 'Retake' then browse for the image in your photos.