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Quickbooks Online Accounts not Syncing

I just switched from desktop QB to online QB and when I sync, some of the chart of accounts won't sync. Specifically, a long-term asset account, numbered 1805 will not show up in Expensify. It has worked with desktop QB for a long time with no issues.


  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 811 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @ChopChopRiceCo Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    Do you get any actual error message, or does it just never show up?

  • No error message, just doesn't show up. I've tried re-syncing. Weird?!

  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 235 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @ChopChopRiceCo! With QuickBooks Online, specific account types are imported into Expensify for specific purposes (categories, export accounts, etc). Below is a list of account types from QuickBooks and their purposes in Expensify, if they import:

    Expense — Pull in as categories
    Cost of Goods Sold — Pull in as categories
    Other Current Assets — All detail types pull in as categories or Journal Entry export options
    Bank — All detail types pull in as Debit Card and Check export options
    Fixed Assets — All detail types pull in as categories
    Other Assets — Do not import
    Accounts Receivable — Do not import
    Accounts Payable — Vendor Bill or Journal Entry export options
    Credit Card — Credit Card export options
    Other Current Liabilities — All detail types pull in as export options when exporting as a Journal Entry
    Long-Term Liabilities — Do not import
    Accumulated Adjustment — Do not import
    Equity — Do not import
    Income — Do not import
    Other Income — Do not import
    Other Expense — All detail types EXCEPT Exchange Gain or Loss import in as categories; Exchange Gain or Loss does not import

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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