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Hello, I set up intetgration between Expensify & QBO a few months after client started to use Expensify. Now that I've connected the two and tweeked the settings, I can get the report to export to QBO fine using the manuial method EXCEPT that the date that the expense reimb shows up on the bank register is incorrect - always 7/1/18. This is occuring on the 4 I've tried so far after playing around. It's time to call in the experts. For example, the user submitted on 3/12/18, it was approved on 3/12/18, and was reimbursed via ACH on 3/14/18. However, when I export the report to QBO, it shows up as if the expense was reimbursed on 7/1/18. I don't see why 7/1/18 is being used. I have the "Sumbitted date" selected. Does that even matter at this point because I'm just going back to all prior reports and manually exporting them to QBO one by one to make sure it works correctly before I mass export. If you can't help me resolve this, I'll just have to go into each transaction after important to change from 7/1/18 to actual date it was paid. Hopefully you can help solve my issue though. Thanks in advance!

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