Clearing Inbox (non-reimbursables that are marked reimbursable)

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I am the admin for our policy. We are new and in the first couple of months a few of our employees marked some of their expenses as reimbursable - and they were not. But the reports were approved and we have moved on...but these messages still sit in my inbox with no way to clear them but to reimburse them. How can I get rid of these messages?

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @kfoos, thanks for posting! As a policy admin, you can unapprove the reports and change the reimbursable status of the expenses, then approve the reports once more.

    You should find an Unapprove button at the top of the report, which will pull the report into a Processing state. Once in a Processing state, policy admin can take many actions on the expenses, such as unchecking the reimbursable box. Once you've updated the expenses, just Approve the report once more to put it back into a finalized state.

    If you run into any trouble taking these actions, I'd encourage you to reach out to with the report IDs of the specific reports as well as any error messaging you're receiving when trying to Unapprove or edit the expenses. This will let us take a closer look and share additional information and screenshots with you without doing so in a public space like the Community.