Salesperson Allowance

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We give our salespeople a $1400 allowance for their home office, car payment, cel phone bill, etc. at the beginning of each month. Then at the end of the month they submit receipts to cover this so they aren't taxed on the money and we are covered if we are audited.
Would there be a way to do this via ACH in Expensify? Thank you.


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @mdm, thanks so much for joining the Community and posting a great question. ACH reimbursement in Expensify seems like the perfect solution to these common monthly expenses.

    A brief overview of the how this would work for you and employees is below.

    1. Employees add their expenses throughout the month,
    2. They will code expenses according to your policy settings and the reports will be submitted to the individual you assign via the approval workflow.
    3. The assigned approver will review the expenses on the report and approve them as long as they are eligible and under the $1400 limit.
    4. Once the report has gone through all required levels of approval, it can reimbursed via ACH and the funds will be sent directly to the deposit account the employee puts on file.

    There is not a way to set a strict $1400 budget for these specific expenses though, so it will still be the responsibility of the approvers to review reports and ensure they are meeting all the policy submission rules you expect them to follow.

    Let me know if you have any follow up questions!