Amount vs. Original Amount vs. Modified Amount

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What is the difference between all of these fields? In an export from the UI, I see I can pull out Amount and Original Amount into a CSV. From the Integration Server, you also get modifiedAmount.

As a follow on, what are the circumstances when modifiedAmount gets populated? Is that the amount that would get paid/reimbursed?

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  • Nicole Trepanier
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    @ZyloBen The UI export is a different system than the Integration Server so the fields are a little different on each.

    Custom Export Format/UI Export

    Amount is the modified amount after you've made any changes to the expense, such as splitting or merging it.

    Original Amount is pulled directly from an imported credit card feed and it only contains a different amount if the expense was converted by the bank and they provided us with that information in the feed.

    Integration Server

    The standard code block used to determine the amount takes into consideration if the amount has been converted or modified and gives you the final amount that matches what you see on the report.

    Note: you can find similar suggested code blocks for handling created date and merchant here.

    Modified Amount, only available on the Integration Server, will output the manual modifications to the amount field pre-currency conversion.

    The Original Amount equivalent to the Custom Export Format uses the formula expense.details.origAmt. This is used to see the transaction in the original currency before it was converted to the card's currency.

    Let me know if you have any questions!