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Delayed Reimbursement option

eric111 Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

I'd like to be able to approve my employee's expense report and submit the reimbursement, but schedule the actual reimbursement for a future date. Either on a fixed basis ("1/28/19"), relative basis ("in 2 weeks"), or calendar basis ("last day of this month").

Similar to the way I pay bills in, where you can approve a bill and submit it for payment, but schedule some date in the future when the actual payment will go through. The main benefit is being able to make an active decision regarding the timing of your cash flow. And while I know I could just wait to approve the expense report and submit for reimbursement, I'd love to be able to check off the task, know that it will indeed be reimbursed, and not have it hanging over me to log back in again in the future to reimburse according to my desired schedule.

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