Why was I charged a cancellation fee ?

Samsonpierre Expensify Customer Posts: 1

My company is switching to a different system for expense accounts this month so I will no longer need to use Expensify.

I cancelled my subscription this morning and was charged a 35 $ fee. Why is that ? Where was such a fee mentionned when I signed up ?



  • Sheena Trepanier
    Sheena Trepanier Expensify Team, Approved! Accountant, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 1,362 Expensify Team

    Hi @Samsonpierre, thanks for posting! It sounds like you downgraded from an Annual Subscription, which you committed to 12 months of Expensify service for a set number of active users, to a free account.

    If you cancel your Annual Subscription before the 12 month period is over, we pretend that you were always using Pay-per-use billing and you are charged the difference between what you would have paid with Pay-per-use and what you did pay with an Annual Subscription.

    You can learn more about the Annual Subscription and cancelling it early in our Help Center here.

    If you have more specific questions about your fee or the billing, I'd encourage you to reach out by emailing help@expensify.com. Using email we can share more details with you that we would never share via a public space like the Community.


  • Hassan
    Hassan Expensify Customer Posts: 1

    I just hit the same threat of a charge from you guys when trying to cancel my account and would like to not pay it. How do I do that?

  • Alejandro Paz
    Alejandro Paz Expensify Team Posts: 87 Expensify Team

    Hi @Hassan

    Could you email us at concierge@expensify.com and let us know a bit more about any messages you're seeing while attempting to cancel your account? That way we can dig in more thoroughly and resolve your issue.