How to create a batch year-end report WITH RECEIPT IMAGES?

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Hi, I'm looking to create a year-end report with all transactions and associated receipt images. You can create this as a CSV under expenses but it only includes links to the images. These will remain valid (I assume) as long as Expensify is sound AND you are a subscriber. But I want a digital archive on my end without having to create a report by MANUALLY selecting every transaction. There are 1000s of transactions for the year.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 1,849Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @halong, thanks for posting. Exporting as a CSV with receipt links is the best way to export all your reports and receipt images.

    The links to the receipt images will stay live and active as long as you have an Expensify account, it does not have to be a paid account. If you ever downgrade to a free account, we'll keep your expenses, receipts and reports intact until you decide to delete the account yourself.

    Regarding exporting the receipts, we offer two different formula for use in the custom template.

    {expense:receipt:url} would output a link to the receipt image page that anyone could view.

    {expense:receipt:url:direct} would show the direct receipt image url for download.

    If your use the second formula, {expense:receipt:url:direct}, you'll be able to download a hardcopy of the receipt image if you need.


  • halonghalong Posts: 4Expensify Customer

    Hi Sheena, thank you for your reply, but this doesn't solve my problem. I was under the impression that creating archives would be quick and easy with Expensify. Simply having the links to the images in the csv isn't enough as it's only valid as long as Expensify exists as a company and (again) the time to download thousands of images simply isn't practical or realistic.

    I'm very disappointed about this. Expensify should have a method to export a PDF or CSV report encompassing the whole year from within the expenses page so that it's quick and easy.

    I will have to look for a better, more stable, long-term solution, unfortunately.

    I'm very disappointed about this.

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    Hi @halong I'm sorry you had that impression that you could export images to a CSV file.

    You certainly can print out all the Reports as PDFs with full page receipt images. I see you only have a handful of Reports, and they are all Open except for one, so you could very easily create one PDF and save it/print it out.

    All you need to do is Reopen the one 'Closed' report, select and delete ALL your reports, then go to the Expenses page and Select ALL expenses, and Add to - Report.

    Once you have all the expenses on one report, you can ensure that Include 'Full Page Images' is selected, then create (and print) a PDF.

  • halonghalong Posts: 4Expensify Customer
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    Hi Rach, that's simply not true.

    1) When you select a multi-page range (i.e. all of 2018) you lose the option to do anything other than export to CSV. This means you can't select export to PDF when choosing select "All" in the date range.

    2) Selecting just one page allows you to create a report (pdf), and you can add to the report for several pages. It looks like up to 350-400 expenses, but then you lose the option to do anything other than send to csv.

    Perhaps these are oversights in the programming but it would be very helpful to know how to create a yearly archive quickly and efficiently.



  • Karisa CaudillKarisa Caudill Posts: 106Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Success Coach Expensify Success Coach

    Hey @halong ,

    I see your single large report and have attempted to test an export to PDF format. I do get an error, "There was an error when trying to generate your PDF. In the meantime, please print the report instead."

    I think you've hit some type of data size limit and will be sure to have engineering take a look into this. Printing the report would give you receipt thumbnails instead of full page receipt images. If that's enough for you, please definitely do that. Otherwise, hang on while we'll see what we can do, or split this report into separate reports exporting each one individually to PDF format.

    We'll update you with more information as soon as it's available!

  • halonghalong Posts: 4Expensify Customer
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    Thank you, Karisa, I appreciate you checking on this. Unfortunately, thumbnails aren't really that useful because they don't let you see the transaction detail.

    The whole point of a system like this is to have a digital archive of the transactions on your servers and backed up on my end that is quickly searchable in either scenario. I don't know how any of your other corporate users can get by with less.

    I'll check back in soon!


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