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Hello! I have a question about the submission and approval process. Is it possible to have employees' non-reimbursable expenses have a different submits to/approves flow from reimbursable? For example, I want employees to all submit their reimbursable expenses to their boss, but for non-reimbursable accounting only approves. Right now employees reimbursable submit to boss and approves to accounting. Can I make it so that non-reimbursable submits and approves to accounting?

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  • Ben FitzBen Fitz Posts: 73 Expensify Success Coach
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    Hey @Accountspayable! Welcome to the Expensify Community — love the name.

    Best practice here would be to create multiple policies — one for your employees to submit non-reimbursable expenses, and one for reimbursables. You'll be able to have different approval workflows in each policy.

    There is no extra billing associated with multiple policies — you can have as many as you'd like! You can create a new policy at any time from our pricing page.

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