Customized Categories in Expensify reverting to QBO Chart of Accounts upon export

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Hey there,

I spent a bunch of time customizing the names of the categories in our company policy so that folks would have a very easy time finding and classifying expenses. Then I approved an expense and exported to Quickbooks which looks like it syncs the accounts and overwrote all of my customizations with the QBO Chart of Accounts descriptions. Is there any way to lock the Category names so that what my employees see on our end is easy to use but still syncs with the QBO chart of account items - regardless of what they're called?

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    @bashomosko, It looks like this is a limitation of Quickbooks. I agree that it would be a nice feature to have. A little background, this works nice in NetSuite because you can assign a category to accounts then sync the categories to Expensify. That way we can create simple names for accounts that are user friendly. When we update the name of an expense category, the name flows through from NetSuite to Expensify. It seems to me though that this would be a feature that Quickbooks should add, not so much Expensify.

    If you need, you can create multiple policies and limit the accounts that are available for each policy. That might make it easier if you have a sales department that uses a set of accounts and an HR department that uses another set of accounts. At least that would be a workaround for you.

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    And a follow up question as well. Is it not possible to customize the names of the Classes in Expsensify like I did with categories. It doesn't seem as though those fields are editable.

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