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We have QB set up for each of the seven company departments to have their own travel, mileage, food, etc. expense categories. So, there isn't just one category to map to in Expensify. How do you set up Expensify expense items to recognize the correct GL code per department since we have seven mileage GL codes based on department? Thank you.

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @LeighSmith, the name in Expensify for a category imported from QB will match exactly what that account is named in QB. This means if you have an account named "Marketing - Client Dinners" in QB, that is how it will appear in Expensify.

    You also have the option of applying a mask to the name that is imported from QuickBooks Online once it's synced into Expensify. For example, if you had an account named "Marketing - Client Dinners" in QB, but only wanted employees to see "Client Dinners" in Expensify, you could apply a mask to the name instead. Then, when expenses using "Client Dinners" is exported to QB, the category name as it appears in QB is used instead. The mask is simply a way for admins to make choosing categories quick and painless for employees.