4 tag lists exist but only 2 tag field selections appear on the expense input page

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I'm implementing Expensify and have 4 groups of tags.
Problem is, only two appear below the attendee field and above the description field when inputting the expense. I need all 4 tags to be selected.


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  • IsabelaStisserIsabelaStisser Posts: 184Expensify Success Coach Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @FairTrader, thanks for posting to the Community!

    I checked the account and see that you have two policies listed there. I assume that you created a list of tags for each policy, correct? Please note that the list of displayed categories and tags is dependent on the selected policy. Categories and tags added under a user's individual policy will be available when the individual policy is selected. Categories and tags added through the group policy will be available when the group policy is selected.

    Your default policy can be set via the Expensify website by clicking the portrait icon and selecting the company policy from the menu, or by selecting the "Make Default" option via Settings > Policies.

    To change the default policy on the mobile app, tap Settings > Policies and then select the correct group policy. The default policy is marked with a green checkmark.

    Let me know if you have questions and I will be happy to help!

  • FairTraderFairTrader Posts: 3Expensify Customer
    edited January 19

    How do I delete the wrong/extra policy called 'New Policy'? It was the first one created. No I did not make tags for both only the second one that is marked as default now.

  • FairTraderFairTrader Posts: 3Expensify Customer

    Other policy deleted. Still only see 2 levels of tags on the expense entry screen.

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