Modifying (also edit multiple) billable expenses - no billable option available

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If your company policy shows "Rebill expenses to clients" as Disabled you will not be able to edit any expenses that hit that policy to make them Billable. You won't get any error message - you just don't get the Billable option. This is a head scratcher. I only figured it out because when I went to the report and had an item that had been marked as Billable and then moved into a different policy it threw up an error message saying [this is a billable expense in a policy that doesn't allow billable expenses]. I went into the policy and changed the setting to "Default to non-billable" so at least now Billable is an option. Very non-intuitive and only something you can fix if you have policy admin rights.

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    I don't need a response to this question - but when I asked the Help Desk to add as a feature request they said I had to post in Community. Seems like they should add as a feature request but.... apparently not. So if you experienced the same issue, vote up!

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    This was the only place I could find info about this option. Thanks for posting.

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