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Admin can replace all receipts

JulieannPina Approved! Accountant Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer

Sometimes a user attaches a receipt but there is something wrong with it (eg unreadable, attached to wrong item, not the receipt). If I spot the error and ask them to correct it, they are not always able to do so on their own. So sometimes they send me the correct receipt instead of getting back to a full-size computer to do it themselves.

When the report is still 'open' I can replace the receipt for them. But if the report is 'submitted' it seems that only that user can do the task. Current suggested work-arounds are to reject the expense or move it to a different report. Sometimes changing the report is possible, other times not. Rejecting the expense causes a cascade of side effects so I try realllly hard not to reject expenses.

Please enable to replace-receipt function for admins for all expenses, regardless of status.

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