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Q: What is Expensify?

Expensify is the only receipt tracking and expense management app built for everyone – from the self-employed to Fortune 500 companies. The easy-to-use tool automates your entire workflow with our SmartScan OCR receipt scanning technology, easy credit card management, next-day reimbursement, and other time-saving features.

Q: How does Expensify This work?

To enter for your chance to win a prize:

  • Download the Expensify mobile app and sign up for an Expensify account (no purchase necessary, but you must have an account in order to enter)
  • Watch the music video at www.expensifythis.com
  • Snap a photo of any receipt you see throughout the music video, or on billboards and posters in select cities (New York City, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, and Portland.)
  • Using the Expensify mobile app, snap a photo and submit the receipt to enter the Expensify This sweepstakes.
  • Share your entry on social media to double your chances to win.
  • The Expensify This sweepstakes ends on February 4, 2019 at 11:59PM PST. If you’re a winner, we’ll reach out to you on February 5th to notify you!
  • For additional details, see full Official Rules here.

Q: When can I enter to be an Expensify This winner, and when does the contest end?

You can enter to Expensify This any time between January 24th and February 4th, 2019. The opportunity to enter for your chance to win will expire at 11:59PM EST on February 4th, 2019.

Q: Do I have to be an Expensify user to Expensify This?

There’s no purchase necessary, but to enter you must download the Expensify mobile app, create a free Expensify account, and enable push notifications on your mobile device.

Q: How many times can I enter to Expensify This?

Each receipt scanned counts as one entry for that prize. You are limited to one entry per prize, but you can double your chance of winning all prizes by sharing your entry on social media. You can also double your chances by getting someone to sign up for Expensify using your unique share link (we’ll send it to you) — so don’t be shy, sharing is caring!

Q My picture was blurry--how do I know if my entry worked?

If your entry was successful, you’ll see the receipt image pop up asking you to save and submit your receipt. If you are not prompted to save your photo, please try again!

Q: Can I only enter to Expensify This through the iPhone, iPad or Android mobile app? Can I enter through Expensify’s desktop website?

To Expensify This, you’ll need to install the Expensify app on your mobile device from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. While you can’t Expensify This through the desktop website, you can watch the music video and enter for your chance to win.

Q: How/when will the winners be chosen, and can I win more than one prize?

Drawing for all prizes will happen on February 5th, 2019. While you can enter for your chance to win multiple prizes, you’ll only be able to win one prize.

Q: Where can I participate in the Expensify This campaign?

To be eligible to win a prize, you must live in the lower 48 states of the United States of America.

Q: What are the prizes that I can win, and where do I find the prizes to enter?

Find prizes by checking out www.expensifythis.com, watching the world’s first music video you can expense, and locating Expensify This billboards and posters plastered throughout New York City, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, and Portland.

Q: How will I know if I’ve won? If I win, do I have to pay taxes on the prize?

Winners will be notified by email and/or phone and each winner will be responsible for claiming the prize within 24 hours of communication, or they forfeit their right to the prize. For more detailed rules and regulations, check out the Official Rules here. All federal, state, local taxes and expenses are the responsibility of the winners.

Q: When will my prize arrive and how will it be delivered?

Once winners are confirmed, physical prizes will be delivered by FedEx Ground Delivery. Cash prizes will be sent FedEx 2-Day Shipping or Priority. For larger prizes, we’ll work with you to ensure a timely delivery within 90 days of claiming the prize.

Q: Can I exchange my prize for cash or something else?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to exchange your prize. If you win a physical prize, it is non-transferable and you cannot exchange it for a cash redemption. If you’re the lucky winner of the R8, we’ll do their best to provide the same year and model as shown, but there could some variation when it comes to the color of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. For details, check out the Official Rules here.

Q: Is that a real burger, plated in gold? Can I eat the gold burger?

Yes, it is a real gold burger and you can definitely eat it. In fact, if you win the Gold Burger, you will win a trip for two to New York City and dinner for two at Serendipity 3 with a real gold leaf burger, fries, and milkshake. Bon appetit!

Q: Where can I reach out with more questions? Don’t you have a phone number?

If you still have questions, create a new post in the Community Expensify This category!

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