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Hi, some of our employees (current Expensify users) asked if they can participate in the Expensify This contest. Will any of the scans create expenses that flow into unreported expenses, reports etc.? Or will the contest entries not appear at all under our corporate group policies? We don't want anything to get pulled into our month end expense accrual feed. Thanks

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    Hi there @GenieS! Thanks so much for the question. We're really happy they'd like to enter! Don't worry, you won't have to reimburse anybody for that statue of an emoji.

    Any time your employee's, or any Expensify user for that matter, SmartScan's one of the receipts in the #ExpensifyTh!$ video - as long as the app recognises it from the QR code, they'll be shown the competition dialog:

    Once they "Save" and accept the new terms, they'll just be entered to the competition and the expense will never populate into their account.

    On the off-chance they don't manage to get a clear enough shot of the receipt they'd like to win, this will simply populate into their account as a "Failed SmartScan", where it won't be subject to any submission settings, nor will it be added to a report unless the employee expressly chooses to. As long as they watch the video in 1080p and get a good snap, that shouldn't even be an issue though!

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