Annual Subscription for Multi-policy users

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We are going to be switching our policies to the annual subscription payment method from the pay-per-use $18/user option. Our corporation has multiple policies with some expensify users being active members of multiple policies. I

Would switching to annual subscriptions mean that these users (currently at $18/month) would be charged $9/month for every policy they are a member of? (i.e. $9/month x 4 policies = $36/month)


  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 1,849Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @jkWP, great question! I'm happy to break down how this would work for you, no problem there!

    When you switch to an Annual Subscription, you'll want to set the subscription amount to the number of unique active users you expect to have each month. Then, as long as all policies are owned by the same Expensify account, members of multiple policies are only counted once each month, and only fill a single active user slot in your subscription amount. You should never see multiple monthly charges for an employee who is active on multiple policies.

    Once you switch to an Annual Subscription, you'll see a minimum bill each month that is equal to your subscription amount x $9 per active user. So, if you set a subscription amount of 10, you'd see a minimum of $90 billed each month. If you had a month with 11 active users, the first 10 would be billed at $9 per month and the additional active user in excess of your subscription amount would be billed at $18 per active user.

    How many unique active users do you expect to have each month across all policies?

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