I already have a corp Expensify acct- how do I enter Expensify This?

i LOVE your video! I am in the middle of creating an expense report right now at work. I snapped pics of items in your video. HOW do i expense them to enter the contest, without submitting them to my finance team???


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    Hi @JennyC, welcome to the Community! We're so thrilled you love the video and just tickled you want to enter.

    Entering is simple!

    1. Open your Expensify app,
    2. Take a close up and clear picture of the receipt from the video,
    3. See a confirmation that you've been entered (the receipt should never appear in your account if you've entered successfully).

    If the receipt fails to be read by SmartScan as a contest entry, it can appear in your account as a failed SmartScan. If this happens, no worries, simply delete the failed receipt and try again.

    The confirmation will look like the below screenshot!

  • JennyCJennyC Posts: 2

    Thanks for your super helpful reply! I have tried this 12 times (with about 6 different items in the video) and I've never managed to get a scan to go through. Are you seeing actual entries by other users? is it just me? tips to get these to go through?

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    Hi @JennyC, you definitely want the largest screen and highest definition! Some receipts can be more difficult that others. You also want to ensure your app is up to date.

    And here's a great post with tips for how to advance the video frame by frame!

    The Audi R8 is very clear, so that's a good one to start with. (Also we have special ones on Instagram! ;) )

    Good luck!

  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 818 Expensify Success Coach

    And of course, as with all mobile apps, there is the classic: uninstall and reinstall.

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