How do I delete expenses or failed contest entries?

JohnCFIJohnCFI Posts: 1
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So I have downloaded, registered, paid and had a darn good play. Liking what I have seen. But!!!!! How do I clear out all those 'test' entries... and start afresh??

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  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 1,694 Expensify Success Coach
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    Hello @JohnCFI, welcome! We're psyched that you've liked what you've seen and tested. This question is in no way silly, it's a fantastic new user question and I'm happy to help.

    Expenses in the Unreported and Open state can be deleted from the Expenses page of your account. Once there, check the box to the left of the expenses you want to delete. Then, click the red trash can icon located at the top right of your account. (Below)

    Once deleted, expenses will be under the Deleted filter. If you don't want to see your deleted expenses, just uncheck the Deleted filter to hide them from view.

    I hope this helps, take care!

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