Does Expensify work on a Sony mobile phone

I use a Sony Xperia XZ Premium Android phone to run the Expensify application. After a recent download this became unusable because when trying to take a receipt photo for smart scanning purposes the camera and application simply freezes and the only way out of it is to terminate the app. I was told that this would be fixed in the next release so I persevered by taking photographs then uploading them rather than using the app to do it automatically. The 'next' release came along recently but the problem persists. Realizing that Sony is probably not a popular brand in USA then perhaps this seems of little consequence. But in South and South East Asia (over 1.5 billion people) where Samsung and the large Chinese brands (not Apple which has less than 10% market share) are the most popular then it is more of an issue (Japan has over 5% Sony mobile phones). The only app I have issues with on my Sony phone is Expensify. Does anyone know of any rectification for this issue?


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