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We’re no longer accepting new participants as our focus is on reimbursing existing claims. While we’re unable to provide a specific timeline on when your report will be reimbursed, we’re doing our best to drive donations and keep reimbursements moving forward. If you know anyone who can donate to this campaign please encourage them to enable Personal or Corporate Karma on their Expensify account.

Does Expensify have any plans to enable Two-factor authentication?

jbaxterjbaxter Approved! Accountant Posts: 37 Expensify Admirer
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Security is always a focus for us, especially anything to do with payments.
Has Expensify considered adding this as a feature?

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  • Conor PendergrastConor Pendergrast Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 91 Expensify Team
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    Hey Jodie, thanks for the added context! This isn't something that we're explicitly looking at for now.

    On the assumption that your group is typically managing reimbursement through Expensify (on behalf of your clients), I'd suggest that it's worth the first step of looking at implementing an SSO tool internally. That'll control for the the most important risk, and make sure that your own accounts are not compromised here (and can't be used to reimbursed reports improperly)


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