Can employees submit to a pool of eligible approvers instead of a single approver?

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Is there a way to assign two approvers to a policy BUT only need to be approved by one or the other? I have a policy that two managers oversea. Both of them would like to get notifications of each submitter's expense report and would like the capability of approving. If one approves, then the other one does not need to approve but would like to be able to see the report and made aware that it has been approved by the other manager.


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @Coco, thanks for posting a great question! It's not possible to set a pool of Approvers so that any available admin can approve a report. Instead, reports will flow from the employee to a single approver and then onward to additional approvers if set up that way.

    Another option for setting this up would be to create a centralized account that all reports are submitted to. That centralized account would add both managers as Copilots, and then the managers would Copilot into the centralized account to take report approval actions. The history section of the report would list "manager1 approved "x" report on behalf of the centralized account". This means a clear audit trail of which manager approved the report.

    The one thing to note is that the centralized account will receive the email notification for the submitted report. Because of this, the centralized account should have a filter to automatically forward the submission notifications to both manager's emails.

    Do you think this would work for your needs?