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Admin Webinar Q&A - February 6th, 2019 - PART 1

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Part 2 is here.

Setup Tasks

Does Expensify capture GST?
Definitely! Learn more about that here!

How does one sign up for the six-week trial before committing to a one-year policy?

You can create a policy at any time from the Pricing Page, which will automatically start a trial.

Does it trigger a violation if a receipt is not attached or the description field is empty?
If you have these violations enabled in your policy settings, then yes, it would trigger an expense.

Is there a way to trigger a violation if the user does not provide a comment on a line?
Yes, this can be set within your policy settings on a category-by-category basis via Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Categories > Categories.

If we have bi-monthly submission, the reports will automatically process every other week as long as there aren't any violations, correct?
That is correct!

Where would you set up a daily meal limit? Say it was $45 per day. So, if the person went over that limit that day it would trigger a violation?
You would set that violation within the category settings.

Is there a good walkthrough for transitioning from a single card account to a control policy and converting to domain control?
Sure! We have a Company Cards webinar here.

Can you create approval rules based on dollar amount thresholds of expense reports?
Yes, that is part of the Advanced Approval workflow

Can you explain the relationship of classes to tags, and forcing users to tag as well as categorize?
You can set them up and require their use. Check out our help page on that here.

Will foreign currency show up a completely separate report from USD when being submitted for approval, or do they show up on the same report?
The expenses will show on their individual line as the original currency. The entire report will show the output currency.

How do we open a new expensify account for our company?
Head to our Pricing Page to create a policy!

As a business owner, should I set up a separate policy for tracking my mileage and other expenses?
If your expenses follow different rules and workflows, you would need to create a separate policy.

I signed up a while back but never had a chance to test the product. Is there a free trial or can one be extended for me test out?
Please reach out to [email protected] so we can help with this!

I would love for you to talk a bit more about rules. It seems like there are category specific rules, expense specific rules, etc.
You can find more information on rules here.

How can we test the system without rolling it out to employees?
You would want to invite a couple test employees to test out your policy.

Are there both iPhone and Android apps available?
Yes, that's correct!

I joined late. We are a small startup. I don't understand why we would need more than 1 policy. Can you provide an example of why we would need more than 1?
You would need multiple policies in cases where different groups of employees have different rules and approval workflows.

So my policy would be my client’s business name?

That would be a great name for a policy!


With Scheduled Submit enabled, open reports would submit per the schedule we define?
That is correct!

All of our employees have company credit cards, so no reimbursement is required for most expenses. How do you differentiate between company card and reimbursable expenses in policy set-up?
On each expense, there is a reimbursable checkbox to designate whether or not that expense will be reimbursed.

Would our employees need to select a policy when submitting expenses?
Yes. They can set a default policy if they choose, but reports cannot be submitted without existing on a policy.

What is the difference between expense reimbursement and submitting receipts for a corporate credit card?
Expenses can be marked as Reimbursable and Non-Reimbursable.

Can you reject a report as a whole to eventually have one report instead of multiple mini ones?
Yes, you can reject an entire report or individual expenses within a given report.

Can you convert expenses entered in different currencies to USD on an individual basis?
No, the output currency set within your policy would apply to all expenses submitted on that policy. We recommend creating a separate policy for each currency to which you want to convert.

We don't want to use Expensify for reimbursement. We just want employees to submit their receipts and what they bought for using the company credit card.
Great! You can set your company cards to default non-reimbursable within Domain Control.

Is there OCR involved in the process or do the employees manually enter the expense information?
SmartScan will automatically read the merchant, date, and amount, and create an expense on the employee’s behalf.

Can employees approve through an app on their phones?
Yes, users can approve via their mobile Inbox.

Does SmartScan pick up the type of expense (credit card vs. cash) from receipts?
No, any expense not directly imported from a bank is considered a cash expense (regardless of payment method).


Can I work for Company paid credit cards instead of reimbursement
Sure can! We have a specific webinar geared for just that.

How can we know what expense has been reimbursed if we do not turn on the payment reimbursement feature?
You can mark a report as Manually Reimbursed to keep track of reimbursements that happen outside of Expensify.

If you use the ACH process, does the money go directly from the company account into the employee or does it go to Expensify and then to the employee?
It goes directly to the employee’s bank account from the company withdrawal account.

My company was looking to set up automatic payments, and we came across a page that asked for a personal ID to verify the account. Can you clarify the purpose of this?
For compliance and fraud-prevention reasons, it is necessary for us to verify the identity and authority of anyone attempting to set up a withdrawal account.

Are there any fees for using the expense reimbursement via ACH?
There are no additional fees for utilizing ACH reimbursement.

What step prompts the funds to be sent to employees' bank accounts?
Funds will be sent to a user's account when a report is reimbursed via ACH.

What if some users input ACH info and others don't?
If they do not input ACH information, then they cannot be reimbursed through Expensify.

If they do not input ACH info, they can still submit expense reports but we will just have to issue a check to them, right?
That is correct. You can then manually reimburse the employee in that case.

Managing People

I am new to Expensify and need to know how to add users to my organization.
You can add users via Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > Policy Members.

if you have a different department with different managers who review and approve, do you create groups or different policies?
Most users tend to use separate policies for different departments in this instance.

Can you have more than one admin?

How many people can be assigned the auditor role?
There is not a limit to the number of auditors you can have!

Do the reports submit to managers for approval or do they submit to admins for reimbursement?
You will define the workflow you choose within Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > Approval Mode.

What setting do we need to activate to hold report submittal until manager approval occurs?
A manager cannot approve a report within Expensify prior to it being submitted.

So submission does not equal approved for reimbursement, just that the report is not available for approval, right?
That is correct. These are separate actions.

How do you change to a Policy Admin? I can’t tell if I am just an employee or an admin?
You can add or change policy admins via Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > Policy Members.

"Is the expense report automatically pushed through to the second approver once the first approver has approved, or is it a manual push?"
Once the first approver approves the report, it will automatically be sent to the next approver.

I have 5 people in my department, each of whom has our own categories and budget lines. I set each employee in the Group up with their own policy. First of all is this correct? Second, how can we see one another's categories (budget lines) and submit a receipt on one of each other's categories? (we work on projects together, but it falls under one person's budget)
It’s not typically recommended to have a separate policy for each user, but I would need more specific information to offer guidance here. Could you please reach out to [email protected] so we can work together on this? Thanks in advance!

How do I add employees?
Navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > Policy Members. Our doc here will walk you through inviting users.

What if I have an employee with dual roles? Some expenses need to be approved by one manager and some by another? What do I do?
This employee would need to submit to each manager manually, or you would need to have them on multiple policies (one for each role).

Can an admin add a copilot for another employee?
No, a copilot can only be added by an account owner.

If I have an admin on the CEO credit card, whose account should the card be imported to?
You should assign the card to the admin if they will be maintaining the information for it (receipts, etc.)

Do I need to invite each individual employee here as well?
Yes, each employee must be invited to the company policy.

We will most likely need two policies. One for our full-time workers outside of the office (different states) and part-timers in those states as well.
Great! You can create a separate policy for no extra charge via the Pricing Page.

Billing & Ownership

Do we have to pay additional for each policy?
Billing is based on active users. Users can be active across multiple policies without incurring additional charges.

Is the pricing in USD?
Yes, but we are able to bill in other currencies.

If my employees only submit expenses 3 times a year, are they active users?
They would be active users only within the months in which they submit expenses.

How is active user defined?
An active user is anyone that has taken action on a report within a given month.

If we are on the Control Plan is every user billed at that amount? What if some people only submit?
Yes, every user is billed at the same rate regardless of role.

If employees have log in information they are considered active, or would they have to make changes to be active?
They would need to take report action to be considered an active user.

Is there a limit to how many policies you can have?
There is no limit to the number of policies you can have!

Is it okay to have two different policies? One to handle company credit cards and one to handle reimbursing directly to the employee.
Reimbursable and nonreimbursable expenses can be handled on the same policy!

Is there a different pricing structure for bookkeepers/accountants?
Yes. Please check out ExpensifyApproved! University.

Does Advanced Approval cost extra?
Advanced Approval is included in the Control level plan at no extra cost.

I am debating whether to use the yearly or Pay-per-use because my employees don't travel a lot. Can I have ACH setup for non-active , …so that when they do use, I am able to still pay them directly from the tool?
Certainly! I would recommend Pay-Per-Use in this instance, and they can set everything up for when they are active.

What is a collect user as shown on my bill? Is that the same as an admin?
A collect user is an active user on a Collect level policy.

Our bill is shown this way, and we don't understand:
4 users on Annual Subscription @ $5 = $20
2 additional Collect users @ $10 = $20

You have an annual subscription for 4 users. However, you have 6 users. The two additional users are billed at the Pay-per-use price of $10/user. You can increase your subscription count via Settings > Policies > Group > Subscriptions.

What is considered an active user? We have 1099 workers, and what if they only need to use Expensify once? Do we still pay a full $9 for that user for that month?"
Yes, you would pay the full subscription for each active user within a given month.

We should have 7 users total at $5 each.
You can update your user count via Settings > Policies > Group > Subscriptions​.

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