Admin Webinar Q&A - February 6th, 2019 - PART 2

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Part 1 is here.


Would the receipts be downloaded to QuickBooks on each transaction?
QuickBooks Online will export the receipt image. QuickBooks Desktop will export the URL of the receipt.

Would a chart of accounts be able to upload on the app?
You can view your Chart of Accounts as categories on your app.

Where can I find instruction for integrating to QB desktop?
Check out this guide!

Can policies be linked to different QuickBooks accounts?
Each policy can only be linked to a single QuickBooks account.

So, each policy can only be linked to a single account. If you have multiple policies, do they all need to be linked to one QuickBooks account, or can the separate policies be linked to unique QuickBooks accounts?
Each policy can be linked to a separate QuickBooks account.

What does it look like when connecting to Netsuite or Oracle?
This webinar does not address specific accounting integrations. Sorry! Feel free to check out our NetSuite guide.

What does the back end look like connecting to accounting software? Where does the credit end up?"
You would set your preferences within your connection under Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections > Accounting Integrations > Configure .

Are there any plans to implementing german software like DATEV ?
It’s not currently on our roadmap, but you may be able to utilize a CSV export from Expensify, which you could then manually import to DATEV.

Is there a diagram to illustrate the flow of information (policies) into the accounting platform?
We don’t have a specific diagram, but you can find a detailed description of how each integration works via

We tried to connect with Quickbooks Desktop on a company server, but it seems like the software can't be installed. Have you experienced that before? If so, what's the solution?
Can you please reach out to [email protected] so we can look into this? It doesn’t sound like expected behavior. Thanks in advance!

If interested in using categories and tags do you have to expose your entire QuickBooks chart of accounts or have access to limited accounts
Your entire COA will be imported, but you can disable categories that you do not want your users to have access to.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Is there an additional onboarding for domain admin?
This webinar goes over some Domain Control features, and so does our Company Cards webinar, but we do not have a specific webinar for domain admins. Please reach out to [email protected] if you need additional assistance.

We have company credit cards that some of our staff uses. Once we get a statement, we ask them to send over all their receipts and once I verify everything against those receipts we ask their manager to approve and then finally pay their card. It's incredibly tedious and time consuming for me. Is there any chance your product would have something that would help with that, or do you have a separate product that would help with that? If it could be very similar to what we're doing for Expenses, but instead of reimbursing the individual, it would pay the credit card company.
It is not possible currently for Expensify to submit payment to a credit card company. Sorry!

We need basic info on how to onboard and auto-provision our users through SAML 2.0. Is there a better seminar to join?"
We do not have a webinar on SAML implementation. Please reach out to [email protected] so we can assist with that.

What is Domain Control?
You can learn more about Domain Control here!

Are there additional costs associated with Domain Control?
Domain Control is available at no additional cost on the Control policy.

Can you assign more than one user per credit card?
No, we recommend you only assign one user per card.

So your company credit card features are for people that pay out of pocket, and it's just reimbursed to them, not the card company?
Correct, you would need to pay the credit card outside Expensify.

Can you see if the transaction coming in is from Amex (company card) or if it’s from a personal cc? I imported a few corporate cards and wanted to make sure those expenses are not paid to the employees, but to AMEX.
Yes, any expense incurred on a corporate card will have a card icon with a lock on it. They would not be reimbursed to the employee, but your company would need to pay AMEX directly.


Can a policy admin get rid of old open or rejected reports for employees?
No, a report can only be deleted by the creator of that report.

can you automatically assign a specific vendor to a category?
You can create an Expense Rule for that.

Are there consolidated reports where I could report by person, by category, by tag, etc., within a certain time frame?
Sure! You can use Filters to do this.

I'm a non-profit with various grants we need to keep track of separately. Would you recommend setting up each grant as a policy or a tag?
If they have the same rules and approval workflows, I would set them up as tags. Otherwise, I would use separate policies.

On exporting reports I want to see a total reimbursed only, is there a report available for that?
You could create a custom CSV export showing only reimbursed totals.

What does the audit trail look like?
You can find a full audit for each report within the Report History & Comments section at the bottom of the report.

On exporting reports I want to see a total reimbursed only, is there a report available for that?
There is not a specific report. However, you could utilize a custom CSV export.

How does your product differ from Hubdocs?
I am not familiar with Hubdocs, but you can find a breakdown of our features on our Pricing Page.

What are tags most used for?
Classes, customers, jobs, projects, etc.

How is a tag different from a policy? We have different job locations.
You can have a single policy that breaks down each location. There is not a need to create a policy for each location.

If my client generally has M&E, gas, and promotion expenses, does that mean he has to have 3 policies?
Not necessarily. He could use categories to separate those expenses.

Can you share any information regarding cybersecurity in place?
Check out this breakdown of our security practices!

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