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Customizeable Inbox, with ability to add company specific messages and links

JuliaJulia Expensify Customer Posts: 155 Expensify Pro

Hi there
I would love it if the Inbox (or somewhere else within Expensify) had a place where an admin could add specific things. Some ideas that come to mind:

  • Special company announcements (system maintenance, Expense Policy Changes, Etc)
  • Hyperlinks (to our company specific Expense Policy, Missing Receipt Form, Internal User/Training Guide and Descriptions of our Chart of Accounts, etc)
  • Best Practices/FYIs. (a place to share 'hacks', new features we may be implementing or changing within our policy, etc)
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Not Developing · Last Updated

Closing due to lack of interest, not developing this exact scenario, but we will have something that will be able to do all of this!


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