How could I be downgraded to free account after one year subscription ended?

Pengnan_Zou_666 Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Due to company policy of discontinuing the use of Expensify as reimbursement tool as of November 2018, I had to stop the subscription after 1-year period ended by Jan 2019. However my account was charged 10us$ on February 1st 2019 even though I had disabled the auto renwal option on my account settings November 2018. Did anyone can tell me how this happened and what to do to get this 10us$ back to my company credit card? Thanks !


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @Pengnan_Zou_666, welcome! I took a look at your setup and while you're no longer on an Annual Subscription you still own a policy with Pay-Per-Use billing. A paid policy has the potential for billing to occur if you're active on the paid policy in any given month.

    You can cancel your subscription and the paid policy, reverting to a free account, from your Settings > Policies > Group > expand Subscription > Cancel Subscription button. (Below)

    Regarding a refund for that charge, please reach out to and we can discuss this further. Cheers!