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Company Cards Webinar Q&A - 7 February 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


Can 2 cards be assigned to a single person so they can manage expenses for both cards?
Yes, absolutely!

Where can we get a full list of the manual MCC codes, or is that imported when you set up the card feed?
This is set up on the Categories page in your Policy Settings, towards the lower half of the page - you can assign a category/GL account to an MCC code.

Is there a "standard list" of MCC codes available to review?
The credit card companies control this, and you can google to get a full list! The policy Categories page will show what is available to match with a category in Expensify.

If an employee in a domain is a member of two policies, how does Expensify decide where to assign a card's expenses?
You can assign one card to one policy default. But if you need to report one card’s expenses on separate Policies, this will need to be done manually by the User. However, they can select and edit multiple expenses from the Expenses page, which can speed up the process.

If a credit card is used in multiple policies, how do you configure the mapping of the credit card to the policy?
You will only be able to map to one Policy, but the user can always use Edit Multiple on the Expenses page to move to another report in bulk, and put that report under the other Policy.

Domain Control

Is it mandatory to use this feature we need to link to a bank account?
No, a single user can link a personal card to their own Expensify account, but the Admin will not have visibility over it. If you need to see all cards and transactions, you’ll need to use Domain Control.

We have corporate cards that I want to manage using this feature. Do I need to link to our corporate bank account? Prefer not to link to banking platform in this software if possible.
When you connect your bank or obtain a commercial feed directly from Visa etc, Expensify just receives the data, and all sensitive information, account numbers, etc is cloaked. If you use Visa, MasterCard or Amex, this is sent directly to Expensify via the API.


When linked to QBO does the scheduled submit batch the credit card transactions and date them on the submit date or does it import each transaction separately for the company cards?
This will depend on the setup for your integration. All expenses on one report will use the same date - date of last expense, exported date etc. I recommend you go to docs.expensify.com and search for ‘QuickBooks Online Export.’

How will these show up in Xero?
These will export to Xero as bank transactions ready for the bank rec!

How does that work if you are using Sage Intacct?
This will depend on your settings. I recommend you go to docs.expensify.com and search for ‘Intacct export’ to see the options available.

with the default accounting package (Quickbooks), how do you set up the default card for the corporate cards to be linked to?
This is under the blue cog next to the card in domain control!

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Can you add the copy of the receipt after the expense has been approved? Or is it locked once it was approved?
This can only be done manually when an expense is Open, but the receipt will automatically merge with the expense as long as the receipt is SmartScanned. Even if the Report is already Approved.

How long will the expense stay "Open" can this be managed?
This will depend on your Policy settings. If you use Scheduled Submit this will be dictated by those settings. Otherwise, the report will stay open indefinitely.

Is there a setting to have company card and cash expenses automatically go to separate reports?
No. You don’t actually need to have them on separate reports. You can use the Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard to look at the card expenses separately.

How can we show if an expense has been paid?
Reports can be marked as Reimbursed.

What if the Expense status is Unreported? How do you ask the employee to address?
You can ask them the old fashioned way, or you can use the Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard to scoop them all up and put them on the user’s open report or create a new one if needed. But this is only for the card expenses. Cash expenses will remain private to the user until reported.

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