How can I match multiple PDF files back to their respective expense report IDs?

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I'm downloading PDFs with images for employee expense reports. To load into our imaging system, I need to match these PDFs back to their respective expense reports for automated loading.

The trouble is that I am needing one PDF per expense report/invoice, but there's no way to match the pdf files back to an expense report because the names are random. If I could force the pdf filenames to be the expense report IDs that would solve the problem. But how is anyone supposed to use a set of PDF files that come back with names like this:


How am I supposed to do anything programmatically to know which PDF goes to which expense report??

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  • Ted Harris
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    Hi there @oschlipf - I've taken a quick look at your account and it does look like the final 8 digits of those filenames are report ID's that you have access to.

    Would you mind checking whether report ID's: 37305054, 39092683 and 38195588 match up with the three PDF's you've mentioned above?

    As a quick refresher, you can always use Shift + G to quickly navigate to any report ID within Expensify.