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An employee has uploaded their expenses and it has been approved by their manager. However, as policy admin, I did not get an email to let me know that expenses have been approved and are waiting to be paid. Without logging into the system daily/weekly, I would not know if approved expenses are waiting there to be actioned further.

Can this be changed so the policy admin receives notifications that there are approved expenses waiting to be actioned further?

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  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @Tomás - are you saying you'd like to see notifications of every user on your Policy's report approval's, regardless of whether you were involved in the approval at all?

    Currently, you'll only be notified about reports that actually need action from you, or anything that's happened to your own reports. It's definitely more common to see requests for fewer notifications, so I just wanted to make sure we understood each other correctly?

    If that is correct, I'm afraid there isn't a way to maintain that wholesale overview of your employee's reports within your email inbox rather than within the Reports page of Expensify.