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If my company pays via direct deposit and pays 10 different employees on the same day (let's say $100 per employee), so total of $1,000. Will I see $1,000 come out of our account as one lump sum or will I see $100 ten different times. Will I be able to tell by just looking at our bank account which employees got paid or do I need to refer back to Expensify? What if one employee claim they never got paid? Have anyone come across that issue? I would imagine the money would bounce back to our account?


  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @Coco - that's a great question! When you use Expensify's rapid reimbursement, each payment will be linked to the report that is reimbursed.

    So, in your example; even if you reimburse 10 reports of $100 each on the same day, you'll still see 10 separate $100 payments leave your account.

    The easiest way to note which of these payments is linked to a specific report is by checking the statement, where the Report ID of the corresponding report will be listed in the statement for the corresponding payment.

    As ever, you can easily find a specific report ID in Expensify by using the shortcut Shift + G.