Using Expensify with QuickBooks Desktop w/ Bank Feeds for non-Reimbursables

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Hello, I am thinking of using Expensify for our employees, most of whom have access to company credit cards. Currently, I use the bank feed feature to import all transactions, at which point, I manually code these transactions followed by a sync to QB Desktop. Is there a simple way to have users code their receipts and have those transactions imported to QB and subsequently, matched up with the appropriate Bank Feed transaction? I am trying to find a way to automate the expense coding process for our corporate card transactions and am wondering if Expensify offers a viable solution without creating more work than I am already spending in reaching out to employees for coding help. Thanks for your time and expertise. - Simon Palma

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hello @spalma, welcome to the Community!

    It sounds like you want to take advantage of automation features to make expense reporting easier on you and your employees.

    When it comes to coding expenses, I recommend working with your employees to set up merchant specific Expense Rules. Expense rules are set up individually, in the Settings > Account > Expense Rules section of each employee's account. You can learn more about this feature in our Help Center here.

    Essentially, expense rules will ensure that expenses from specific merchants are coded a certain way. This takes work out of coding expenses and should result in more accuracy when submitting.

    You can further control when employee's reports are submitted by utilizing policy level Scheduled Submit. Scheduled Submit places expenses on reports automatically and submits the report on the schedule you choose.

    In the future, we hope to offer additional automation functionalities with the QuickBooks Desktop integration. Sadly we're limited in what we can achieve now but automatic export and syncing is functionality we're very interested in releasing.

    Feel free to post any follow-up questions you have and we'll be here to help!


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    Hi! @Sheena Trepanier

    I use the Categories in Expensify for Job Sites and the tags are for the different projects that we are working on at each Job Site. I did see that Expensify will import my QB created Items and Classes but I want the info to only flow into QB, and not have QB data (Items/Classes) flow into Expensify.

    The coding is not Vendor/Merchant specific, they could go to Home Depot on Monday and buy supplies for Job A and then on Tuesday go back to Home Depot to buy supplies for Job B at a completely different Job Site.

    The Categories/Tags I setup in Expensify for our employees to code their receipts, can those be imported with the transactions into QB as the coding for each transaction (i.e. QB's Items, Classes, and Customer:Jobs would be entered when I imported the Expensify file)?

    We are also looking for 3rd party software that could take the reports from Expensify and convert them to a file and format that QB could import to reduce or eliminate us having to enter each credit card transaction in QB, if you know of any I would appreciate a suggestion.

    Thank you!