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Upload .pdf receipts directly from email on iPhone

HooKnows Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

I have all my frequent traveler accounts (airline, hotels, rental cars) set up with my personal email address since I use them for work and personal trips and I get to keep all the points, but I have two Expensify accounts (one for personal items connected to my personal email address and one for work items connected to my work email address). So, when I travel for business and I forward those receipt emails from my personal email address instead of from the work email address connected to my work Expensify account the receipts go to my personal Expensify account.

So, here is my suggestion for a future improvement to the Expensify mobile app (I sent this directly to Expensify through their help option, and they told me to post it here to see if enough people would like to see this feature)...

I use the mobile Expensify app on my iPhone for most expense uploads and it would be really convenient to be able to open my personal email account on my phone, find the email with the receipt attached and forward just the .pdf receipt to Expensify, by clicking on the "export" button on the bottom left of the screen, and then having the Expensify App show up as one of the programs you can export to. See screen shot below. If you agree, please comment and see if Expensify will add this function to a future update to their app. Thanks.

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