[Track] Getting started catching up on old expenses? SmartScan receipts or import in bulk!

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If you’ve found yourself with a shoebox full of receipts that need to be claimed as business expenses, we’ve got you covered. With the help of SmartScan and handy tools in Expensify, you can make documenting, organizing, and generating totals for that pile of receipts a breeze!

SmartScan your old receipts: Don’t waste time organizing your receipts into a spreadsheet — just snap a photo and let SmartScan do the work for you! You can SmartScan all of your receipts no matter how old they are. Just snap a clear photo of your receipt with the Expensify mobile app and SmartScan will record the merchant name, the date on the receipt, and the amount to create an expense in your account. Better yet the expense will be categorized automatically, or you can set up an Expense Rule to automate the process even further! For emailed receipts, just forward them as an attachment to receipts@expensify.com and SmartScan will process them! You can also forward multiple receipts by attaching them to a blank email message as separate files and SmartScan will process each receipt individually.

Import transactions from a file: Are you scouring a year’s worth of bank statements to track down business expenses? Leave the heavy lifting to us and import those expenses via CSX or OFX file! All you need to do is download an OFX or CSV spreadsheet from your bank with the transactions you want to bring into Expensify. From there, select Import Transactions From File under Account Settings > Credit Card Import. No need to worry about duplicates — if an uploaded receipt matches with a SmartScanned receipt, we’ll automatically merge those expenses for you.

Pro tip: If you’re able to get an OFX file from your bank, you’ll want to go that route! OFX files require no manual data mapping, so it will be one click to upload

If you want to learn more about how you can use Expensify to track your business spend, organize and label expenses, and generate totals for end-of-year reporting, check out the Self Employed Webinar - you can view a pre-recorded session here!

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